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What are the IP addresses and Call signs needed
I think I must be slow, but I have downloaded the config document for Winlink (from our download area) and don't see the information I think I need to be able to access any of our postoffices or whatever they are called.

I confused enough about the terminology but I just cant find anythin about how to move a message from my machine to N5BYL dash something or other.

I can see KXX sending messages to N5BYL-10 but I cant talk to N5BYL-10. What am Idoing wrong.

I was able to set up telnet to the test address shown in the screen shot but that is where things end!

I am using my sound card as a TNC so I can set up and debug my TNC-X someday. (I have issues there too, what is the proper set up for TNC-X?)

Hi Joe. We have updated the download area with a file that contains the present list of Telpac nodes in Collin Cty that are running for the most part 24/7.
Information about what IP to use when generating a Telnet channel in Paclink is mentioned in the instructions. For our county use n5byl.no-ip.org.

As far as using a sound card, I have no experience with setting up a sound card for this mode. I have however heard that there has not been to much success with using a sound card.

TNC-X's are becoming a bit more common and I would suggest contacting W5ADC or AD5NR who have set them up and can probably give you pointers on how it is done.
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