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Safety General Message

This guide has been created to not only provide you with necessary tools to be an effective operator, but also increase your awareness. First and foremost, safety comes first. Never put yourself at risk. However, as an ARES member, you may be asked to provide your service to benefit the most good. At any time you feel threatened, suspend your duty and notify your ARES representative you are doing so. 


As an ARES member, it is expected that the material contained within this document is understood and reviewed periodically. Most technical and operational procedures and guidance can be found herein benefiting yourself as an operator, our group and those we serve.
Content and Use

The material contained in this document has been gathered from public domain, contributions by individuals and creative works by editors.

Material may be redistributed for non-commercial use and may not be distributed for sale. All credits, trademarks, registrations or likewise must be attributed with the redistribution.

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Radio Frequencies

147.180 [+] PL 107.2      Primary ARES Repeater (K5PRK)
                                                Repeater Status Tag
Net                                       Morse code “N”
Alert                                     Morse code “A”
Flash Flood Warning          Morse code “F”

146.740 [-] PL 110.9             Secondary ARES Repeater (MARC) - W5MRC
145.350 [-] PL 100.0             *Alternate Primary ARES - N5GI (IRLP)
444.250 [+] PL 79.7              PARK UHF - K5PRK
443.200 [+] PL 100.0            W5MRA (MERA)
444.025 [+] PL 110.9            WX5O
442.800 [+] PL 110.9            K5BSA
441.575 [+5] DV                   K5PRK     D-Star Voice (Allen) Port B
1293.500 [-20] DV                K5PRK     D-Star Voice Port A
1258.600                              K5PRK     D-Star Data

3.873 MHz                            Nighttime Texas Traffic Net
7.085 MHz LSB                    Regional HF APRS
7.285 MHz                            Daytime Texas Traffic Net
10.151MHz LSB                   National HF APRS (300 baud)
14.325 MHz                          Hurricane Watch Net
144.39 Simplex                     National APRS VHF (1200 baud)
144.34 Simplex                     National APRS VHF Alternate
146.52 Simplex                     National 2m Calling / Wilderness Protocol
146.88 [-] PL 110.9 D/FW     National Traffic System Net
446.000 Simplex                   National 70cm Simplex
1293.000 [-20] K5TIT            D-Star Voice (Dallas)
1253.000 K5TIT                    D-Star Data (Dallas)
7277.500                               NTX ARES Net

VHF Simplex Frequencies

(In the TX VHF-FM Society Plan)              Collin County WinLink Frequencies/Paclink Stations 
145.600                                                         144.910 – 
145.700                                                         144.930 – WG5EOC-10 
146.480                                                         144.950 – 
146.520 – National Calling Freq                   144.970 – K5YX-10 
146.540                                                         145.030 – K5PRK-10 
146.560                                                         446.150 – WG5EOC-9 

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