Training Nets

CollinARES typically holds two on-the-air training nets per month. You need not be a member to check-in.

Nets begin at 21:00 hrs (9:00pm local) and last 20 minutes to an hour. Some nets may be cancelled due to holidays or if a large number of our members have participated in a major exercise or event that weekend.

1st Sunday of each month:

PARK Repeater (K5PRK)

147.180 (+) 107.2

3rd Sunday of each month:

MARC Repeater (W5MRC)

146.740 (-) 110.9

WinLink Wednesdays

North Texas has a home for WinLink Wednesdays. A new assignment is given each week. How do you send a message without the Internet? Check the WinLink page for resources for operating and active nodes.

Hurricane Resources

When activated: 14.325 MHz by day and 7.268 MHz by night

Hurricane Watch Net:

CollinARES is supported by local clubs and allow us the use of their repeaters

Located in the county of Collin, TX, we were organized in 1975 by a group of amateurs who had a strong desire to serve their community and provide emergency communications. We are not a club, but consist of a collection of individuals that wish to serve various served agencies.

The primary function of Collin County Amateur Radio Emergency Services or CollinARES, is to support our Served Agencies. Supported agencies, but not limited to include the National Weather Service, Red Cross, Homeland Security and The Department of Health Services.