Who Can Be a Member

CollinARES membership is open to those with a passion to serve their community and various served agencies. Although our core participation is supporting the National Weather Service SKYWARN program as ground-truth spotters, we have historically participated in small and large scale exercises. We ask that you become a valuable asset to our organization by understanding how we operate (the CollinARES FOG can be found in the Files section), you volunteer your time, and help mentor those that would like to become better ARES operators as a whole.

New Membership

If you would like to be considered for membership, enter your information in the application. It is a mechanical process monitored by volunteers. Please be patient awaiting a response.

Changes to Your Membership

If you have changes to your membership such as a new call sign, name, etc. you may submit the form as having an update.

Due to Yahoo Groups becoming an inadequate product, CollinARES made the transition to You will need to search for Collinares and request to be added. Your request will require that you include your full name and call sign or served agency that you belong to in Collin County that we support. Also, we may consider referencing your membership against your request as the is intended for members to receive information in a timely fashion and not intended for any other group or audience.