Operations Section

Operations Chief Chadwick Stelzl * KD5UMO

SKYWARN NCS Allan Batteiger WB5QNG

Greg Evans K5GTX

Noreen O’Connell K5XPO

Rick Wilson W5TUX

Kipton Moravec AE5IB

Erik Jacobsen AI90

Planning Section

Planning Chief Fred Varian WD5ERD

Collin County EOC Liaison Bill Fell * KK5PB

City of Allen Liaison Greg Evans* K5GTX

City of Fairview

City of Frisco Liaison Andy Duckworth * K5BAD

City of Lucas Liaison

City of McKinney Liaison Rick Wilson* W5TUX

City of Plano Liaison Fred Varian * WD5ERD

City of Wylie Liaison

Nat. Weather Service Liaison Chadwick Stelzl * KD5UMO

American Red Cross Liaison Pete Loveall * AE5PL

Medical Reserve Corps Liaison

CERT Liaison Rick Wilson * W5TUX

Safety Officer

Technical Advisor/SM/Web Chadwick Stelzl * KD5UMO

Logistics Section

Logistics Chief Robert Davis * AD5NR

Training Supervisor Greg Evans K5GTX

Field Ops Guide Editor Chadwick Stelzl KD5UMO

* Assistant Emergency Coordinator (AEC) Staff